CARMI – A Carmi woman was arrested on a Failure to Appear warrant at an abandoned mobile home on Shipley Street in Carmi around 5:40 p.m. Saturday.

The White County Sheriff’s Office says it was notified that 29-year-old Shelby J. Holloman was seen in the area of the abandoned mobile home behind Shipley in Carmi. A responding deputy and two Carmi Police officers met with the person who told the sheriff’s office about Holloman. They confirmed that Holloman was last seen there. They surrounded the mobile home, and according to the sheriff’s office report, Holloman had run from officers at least three times this month.

The deputy knocked on the southeast door of the mobile home and got no response. He knocked again and got no response. The officers who were at the open northeast door said there was a bag and some other miscellaneous items on the couch. The deputy then announced his presence at the front door of the mobile home.

Holloman then appeared on the south most side of the mobile home saying, “Here I am.” The deputy told Holloman to come toward him. She did and was placed under arrest without incident.

Holloman was taken to the White County Jail.

The sheriff’s office did not say in its report what Holloman failed to appear in court for.