BENTON – The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is alerting residents about a phone scam that has circulated to a number of local residents.

According to Sheriff Kyle Bacon, if you receive a phone call from a person who claims to be a representative of the Publishers Clearing House or similar entity, be extremely cautious. The caller or callers have been reported to have a thick accent and may know some personal information about you, like your address. They have been forceful and may threaten to come to your home or may threaten your family members if money is not made available to them. 

Residents are reminded that some of their personal information is easily obtained through the internet. If you receive a call of this nature, do not provide any personal information or banking information and please do not send them money. It is recommended that you simply hang up and block the number. 

If you have received a call like this and have provided personal and/or banking information or sent money in another way, please contact the sheriff’s office so it can document the incident and advise you on how to protect your assets.