Carbondale Police Investigating Scam Call Involving Police Impersonator

Carbondale Police Investigating Scam Call Involving Police Impersonator

CARBONDALE (WQRL/WISH/WMCL) – Carbondale Police are investigating a complaint from an individual about a police impersonator.

The victim told police Friday that they received a call on their Caller ID from one of the listed numbers for the Carbondale Police Department – 618-457-3200.

The caller purported to be a police officer and told the victim that they had a warrant. The victim said they would go to the police department and turn themselves in. The caller then told the victim not to do so and began to give instructions on how to pay over the phone. At that point, the victim recognized the call was a scam and hung up the phone. 

There has been only one instance reported thus far. It is believed the caller “spoofed” the Carbondale Police Department’s number. The number is still in operation and working normally for inbound calls, according to police. Officials said no Carbondale Police officer will take bond money for a warrant over the phone or outside of the police department.

Police said if someone receives a call from someone purporting to be a law enforcement officer and they make suspicious requests, it is recommended that the call is ended and call the contact number publicly listed for that agency to verify the identity of the caller.  

Anyone with information about this incident should contact Carbondale Police at 618-549-2121.

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