Rent One Park Announces Finalists for New Team Name

Rent One Park Announces Finalists for New Team Name

MARION – Earlier this year, leaders at Rent One Park invited the community to share their name ideas for a new Prospect League baseball team.

“The response was outstanding!” Dave Kost, Rent One Park General Manager said. “Thousands of suggestions were submitted online. It was tough, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top five. Now, we’re asking fans to weigh in one more time and help name our new team.”

According to Jackson Wiseman, Director of Entertainment and Promotions at Rent One Park, the top five finalists for the new team name are as follows:

• Angry Beavers – “As one of the most intelligent mammals of Southern Illinois, you know when you come to support this team, it’ll be one dam good time,” Wiseman said.

• Fungi – “Who doesn’t want to have FUN at the ballpark?” Wiseman asked. “With the name Fungi, we pay tribute to one of the area’s most popular hobbies, mushroom hunting!”

• Monkey Rats – “Slang for an opossum, Southern Illinois’ new favorite baseball team won’t be playing dead when their competition comes to town,” Wiseman explained. “We’ll be
ready to fight!”

• Swamp Foxes – “Every time your team takes the field, they’ll be ‘sly as a fox.’ Marion, IL was named after Revolutionary War hero General Francis ‘Swamp Fox’ Marion,” Wiseman said,

• Thrillbillies – It’s time to embrace your inner hillbilly,” Wiseman stated. “Be sure to come out to Rent One Park to experience the THRILL!”

“Naming the team is an important decision,” Kost expalined. “So, we didn’t want make that choice without hearing from our fans.”

Fans can vote for their favorite team name online at Everyone who votes will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of season tickets. The deadline to vote is
December 31.

While on the site, fans can also sign up for notifications on team news, tickets, and exclusive merchandise availability. The new team name will be announced in early 2023.

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