Salem Women Sentenced Seven Years for Meth Charges

Salem Women Sentenced Seven Years for Meth Charges

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (WRXX) – A 32-year-old Salem woman was sentenced Tuesday in federal court in East St. Louis to seven years in prison on felony meth-related charges.

Jennifer Branson was arrested in October 2021 when she went into the Centralia Police Department to pick up another person who was taken in for questioning.

Officers were aware of the federal arrest warrant for Branson on the meth distribution charge and took her into custody.

Both she and Tyrone G. or “TG” Etheridge were charged last year in a superseding indictment accusing them of possessing a controlled substance on or about October 13, 2021, with the intent to distribute methamphetamine; and possession on or about April 26, 2020, with the intent to distribute a controlled substance that being meth and heroin.

Branson and Etheridge were both charged in a fourth count of the indictment with conspiring while detained as federal inmates in the Clinton County Jail to possess Suboxone, a narcotic drug.

She was sentenced Tuesday to 72 months and 60 months in federal prison on counts one and two to be served concurrently and 12 months on count four to run consecutively to counts one and two.

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