Student Wanted on Warrant Arrested at Marion High School

Student Wanted on Warrant Arrested at Marion High School

Front of Marion High School. (Courtesy of the Marion High School Marion, IL Facebook page)

MARION – Marion Police Monday arrested a male juvenile for a felony Unlawful Use of Weapon warrant at Marion High School.

According to Marion Police Chief David Fitts, the juvenile in question was wanted on a warrant for involvement in a fatal shooting incident in Carbondale.

A Marion Police officer recognized the student and knew there was an active warrant for his arrest. The officer approached the student and instructed the student to follow him to the office, which the student refused to do. The officer attempted several more times to get the student to voluntarily go to the office to discuss the situation. However, the student continued to refuse and eventually the student started to walk away from the officer. The officer then attempted to take the student into custody, but the student began actively resisting the officer. 

School monitors attempted to assist the officer, but other students began to interfere with the monitors and actually placed their hands on the monitors. The wanted student was eventually taken into custody and transported away from the school and is now with Carbondale Police detectives.

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