Abbott Announces Another Baby Formula Recall on Some Ready-to-Feed Formulas

Abbott Announces Another Baby Formula Recall on Some Ready-to-Feed Formulas

WASHINGTON – Abbott Labs said Friday that it is recalling certain lots of 2 fluid ounce/59 milliliter bottles of Ready-to-Feed liquid formula for infants and children due to a problem with the bottle caps on some bottles that may not have sealed completely and could result in spoilage.

If a child were to consume spoiled formula, the company said, it could cause stomach problems such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Most of these products are distributed primarily to hospitals and doctors’ offices.

The recall does not include any other liquid or powder formula brands or other nutrition products produced at Abbott’s Ohio facility or any other manufacturing location.

Affected lot numbers are listed on the website If a consumer has one of the recalled products, they should not feed it to their child, the company said.

Abbott’s Sturgis plant was shuttered for months after an FDA inspection found Cronobacter sakazakii bacteria, which can be deadly to infants, in several areas. Similac, Alimentum and EleCare powdered infant formulas made at the plant were recalled, and the closure exacerbated shortages caused by supply chain disruptions.

Families across the United States have struggled for months to find formula for infants and for people with specific nutrition needs.

Production had been underway for less than two weeks before a storm and flooding in July prompted officials to close the plant again. It was restarted in August.

Abbott said the recall affects a small portion of the US supply.

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