Williamson County State’s Attorney to Remain on Ballot

Williamson County State’s Attorney to Remain on Ballot

MARION – Williamson County State’s Attorney Marcy Cascio-Hale said in a press release Wednesday the Williamson County Circuit Court announced that she will stay on the November ballot.

In reversing the decision of the Electoral Board’s sustaining of Count 1 of the Objectors’ Petition, the Court found that Cascio-Hale utilized and performed all of the tasks necessary according to the correct section of the Electoral Code to be on the ballot. 

“Today is a win for democracy. This is a win for the people,” Cascio-Hale said. “I have heard from many voters time and again that they want a choice in this election for State’s Attorney. I will continue to fight for the people of Williamson County and will ensure that their voices will be heard.”

Jeff Diederich, chairman of the Republican party in Williamson County, Amy Eckert, president of the Williamson County Republican Womens organization, and Alexia Denly, a former member of the Williamson County Republican Central Committee, filed an objection over the forms Cascio-Hale filed. 

“Marcy is a fighter. She has integrity and works diligently to promote public safety,” Brandi Bradley, Chair of the Williamson County Democratic Central Committee said. “I am proud to have Marcy serve as our State’s Attorney. The voters will have a choice this election and I am happy that the people will get to decide.”

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