Williamson County Republicans Responds After State’s Attorney Files Election Ballot Appeal

Williamson County Republicans Responds After State’s Attorney Files Election Ballot Appeal

MARION – The Williamson County Republican Party is still attempting to keep the Williamson County State’s Attorney off the Nov. 8 ballot.

In a press release posted on Williamson County Republicans Facebook page Tuesday, County Party Chairman Jeff Diederich filed a writ of mandamus in Williamson County Circuit Court Monday seeking to compel the Williamson County Clerk to abide by the electoral board’s ruling to remove Marcy Cascio-Hale, a Democrat, from the ballot.

“After extensive discussion with County Clerk Amanda Barnes, it was determined that this action is necessary to transfer the legal interpretation of deciding this issue from the County Clerk to a Judge,” Diederich stated. “This action will ease the burden on the County Clerk by providing Barnes with judicial clarification and direction on this case, as well as, on similar cases that may arise in the future.”

“Williamson County Clerk Amanda Barnes and her entire office have been placed in the difficult position of balancing fair and free elections with meeting the statutory eligibility requirements to appear on the ballot,” Diederich clarified. “These complex legal issues require judicial intervention. In no way should this action imply that Barnes or her office have acted with anything less than the best of intentions. These situations require judicial review and direction. By taking this action, we are resolving a significant issue that will serve the best interests of all involved.”

Last week, Cascio-Hale filed an appeal, which acknowledged the Electoral Board’s decision to remove her from the ballot, and asked the circuit court to overturn that decision.

Cascio-Hale’s appeal has been scheduled for a hearing in Williamson County Court Wednesday at 1 p.m.

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