Pending Appeal, Williamson County State’s Attorney to Remain on Election Ballot

Pending Appeal, Williamson County State’s Attorney to Remain on Election Ballot

WILLIAMSON COUNTY – Williamson County State’s Attorney Candidate, Marcy Cascio-Hale, will stay on the ballot pending appeal that has now been filed in Williamson County Circuit Court.

Jeff Diederich, chairman of the Republican party in Williamson County, Amy Eckert, President of the Williamson County Republican Womens organization and Alexia Denly, former member of the Williamson County Republican Central Committee, filed an objection over the forms Cascio-Hale filed. The election board found in favor of count one of the objectors’ petition and against in count two of the petition.

“In an effort to clarify previous erroneous news stories, I am issuing this statement: I am on the ballot. And I will continue to fight to stay on the ballot,” Cascio-Hale said in a press release. “I’ll fight through the circuit court and the appellate court, if necessary. Giving the people of Williamson County a choice is paramount.”

At Friday’s election board meeting when the decision was published, Cascio-Hale and her attorney attended. Counsel for Cascio-Hale confirmed with all three of the election board that Cascio-Hale’s name would remain on the ballot pending outcome of the appeal. That appeal was filed on Monday, September 19, 2022.

“This issue is one of statutory construction,” Cascio-Hale said. “My attorney is very confident and I am a fighter. I am on the ballot. I will be on the ballot. I am here to give the voters a choice.”

“This issue isn’t about Democrat or Republican, it’s about doing the right thing, and giving the voters a choice in this election,” Brandi Bradley, Chair of the Williamson County Democratic Central Committee said. “I’m proud of our candidate. Marcy has integrity and is a fighter, and that’s what the people need in a State’s Attorney. That is why the voters should get to have a voice in this election.”

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