Williamson County State’s Attorney Removed from Nov. 8 Ballot After Challenge by Republicans

Williamson County State’s Attorney Removed from Nov. 8 Ballot After Challenge by Republicans

MARION – Williamson County State’s Attorney Marcy Cascio-Hale, a Democrat, will not be on the ballot for State’s Attorney in November’s general election.

According to the Williamson County Republican’s Facebook page Wednesday, a two-county objector’s petition was filed last Thursday with the Williamson County Clerk, challenging the eligibility of Cascio-Hale by the Williamson County Republican Chairman and Sheriff-elect Jeff Diederich.

The objector’s petition alleged in count one that Cascio-Hale did not meet the eligibility requirements to appear on the November 8th ballot because she failed to complete filing documents as prescribed by Illinois law. Count two alleged that her organized political party lacked standing to caucus her to the ballot because it occurred after the primary election and prior to the county convention; a time period which prohibits caucusing people to the ballot.  

“This is about ensuring that anyone who appears on the ballot has followed the law and is subsequently eligible to be elected to office,” Diederich stated.  

In a 2-1 vote, the Williamson County Electoral Board voted in favor of the petitioner, therefore removing Cascio-Hale from the Nov. 8 ballot.

Cascio-Hale said in a statement released Wednesday afternoon that she plans to appeal this decision and be on the ballot.

The petitioner cited a 2004 Appelate Court ruling “Bittle v. Saline County Electoral Board”, 352 Ill. App. 3d 352 (5th Dist. 2004) which addressed the Respondent-Candidate’s failure to comply subsequently invalidating her Appointment to Fill a Vacancy and, therefore, her candidacy; a case which was uniquely similar to the matter.  

In the 2004 ruling, two Democrats sought to remove a Republican candidate from the ballot for similar circumstances. The case law established by Democrats in the 2004 Appelate court ruling has been cited as the proximate case law used by Republicans to remove Cascio-Hale.  

Diederich was joined in the action by co-petitioners Amy Eckert,President of the Williamson County Republican Women’s organization, and Alexia Denly, a former member of the Williamson County Republican Central Committee.

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