Jury Duty Scam Reported in Williamson County

Jury Duty Scam Reported in Williamson County

WILLIAMSON COUNTY – The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about a “jury duty” scam occurring in southern Illinois.

Sheriff Bennie Vick said an unknown caller will call and pose as an official from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. During the calls, scammers will attempt to collect a fine in lieu of arrest for failing to report for jury duty or other offenses. The callers will tell victims they can avoid arrest by putting money into a kiosk at a local business.   

Vick said legitimate court employees or other law enforcement officials will never call to solicit this type of personal or financial information from you.

The sheriff added official jury summonses, as well as failure to appear notices, are always delivered to a home or post office box by mail.

He said scammers use many tactics to sound credible, sometimes providing information like badge numbers, names of actual law enforcement officials along with the address of the courthouse or sheriff’s office. 

Persons receiving what they believe to be a scam telephone call should not provide the requested information. If you believe you were a victim of such a scam, you’re encouraged to report the incident to your local police, sheriff’s office, or the Illinois Attorney General office. 

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