FCC: Telecom Providers Required to Block Robocalls from Group

FCC: Telecom Providers Required to Block Robocalls from Group

(AP) – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said Thursday that telecom providers in the United States will be required to block millions of robocalls every day, taking aim at a group of individuals accused of sending more than 8 billion such messages since 2018.

Thursday’s order by the FCC requires voice providers to stop carrying calls the agency has linked to 13 individuals and six companies, mostly based in Texas and California, but also in such far-flung places as Hungary.

The robocalls produced by the group typically begin with recorded lines such as, “We’ve been trying to reach you concerning your car’s extended warranty,” the FCC order said.

Such calls represented the single largest source of consumer complaints to the FCC in each of the past two years, adding up to thousands of complaints a year.

As part of its scheme, the group bought access to nearly half a million phone numbers from more than 200 area codes in the fall and winter of 2020, the FCC said, and then used them to make it appear to recipients that the robocalls were coming from local numbers.

The group is still blasting out millions of illegal calls every day, the FCC added.

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