Gov. Pritzker Tests Positive for COVID-19

Gov. Pritzker Tests Positive for COVID-19

(WRXX) – Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced Tuesday afternoon that he has tested positive for the coronavirus and is experiencing mild symptoms.

According to a press statement from his office, Pritzker tested positive during a routine COVID-19 screening and has been prescribed the antiviral drug Paxlovid, his office said.

He received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine in spring 2021 and has received two recommended booster doses.

The governor had been in quarantine as a precaution after coming into close contact with individuals who’ve tested positive, said the press release.

His office said he will continue working from home in accordance with guidelines from the CDC.

Pritzker attended a White House event last week to mark the passage of bipartisan gun safety legislation, and then spent the latter part of the week in Maine for a meeting of the National Governors Association before traveling to Florida to deliver a speech Saturday at a fundraiser for the state Democratic Party.

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