Addiction Expert Shares Tips for Gambling Addiction

Addiction Expert Shares Tips for Gambling Addiction

(IRN) – An addiction expert is offering tips on gambling addiction and when to stop.

Shane Cook of the Gateway Foundation gave indicators to look for to determine if someone has an addiction.

“One thing to look for is honesty in how much they are gambling,” Cook told The Center Square. “Are they honest with their friends and family about how much they spend? If not, there could be an issue.”

Cook also said that if someone is going to start gambling, make sure they are prepared.

“First thing I’d say is to make sure you have a plan,” Cook said. “Treat it as a form of recreation and make sure you start a budget. Once you reach your budget, then you’re done.”

He said that while some will develop an addiction, gambling is okay in moderation.

Sports gambling in Illinois became legal in 2019. A recent report shows that 68% of adult Illinoisans reported gambling in the past year, and 3.8% of adults are considered to have a gambling problem. Around 761,000 people, or 7.7% of the state’s population, are at risk of developing a gambling addiction, a state report released last month shows.

A Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability report showed the state collected more than $1.3 billion in revenues from wagering last year.

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