Mt. Vernon Police Issue Warning Against Use of Orbeez Guns

Mt. Vernon Police Issue Warning Against Use of Orbeez Guns

MT. VERNON – The Mt. Vernon Police Department has issued a warning against the use of Orbeez guns in public.

The department said in a Facebook post they have recently handled several incidents involving the guns, noting they usually involve teenagers shooting at other people and sometimes striking them.

Known as water pellet guns, gel blasters or splatter-ball guns, the toys shoot water beads sold under various brand names, the most common of which are Orbeez. The beads are a super absorbent polymer. When dry, they are small but can grow to 100 to 300 times their original size when soaked in water.

The police department cited city ordinances prohibiting the discharging of projectiles within the city limits. However, the post also noted if the guns are being used to threaten people, shoot at people, damage property, or shoot people, the offender could face criminal charges ranging from misdemeanor Assault to felony charges of Aggravated Battery.

The police department said any Orbeez guns used in commission of any offense will be seized as evidence.

While the guns are legally purchased in store, the department said, “the use of them should be in compliance with the laws as strict enforcement measures will be taken if they are used illegally.”

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