Williamson County State Attorney Charge With DUI

Williamson County State Attorney Charge With DUI

MARION – The Williamson County State Attorney has issued a statement admitting to driving under the influence Saturday.

Brandon Zanotti was cited for DUI after an Illinois State Police trooper pulled him over and determined he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Zanotti said in his written statement that he was driving home from a friend’s house after drinking alcohol. He said he will not fight the charges against him and will plead guilty.

He apologized to the residents of Williamson County and the ISP trooper who pulled him over, saying he “recognizes the Trooper had the difficult task of being forced to deal with his indiscretion.”

Zanotti said the Trooper displayed “impeccable professionalism” and apologized to all law enforcement and the public.

He closed his letter saying people placed their trust in him and he let them down.

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