Two New Laws to Help Rural Illinoisians with Healthcare

Two New Laws to Help Rural Illinoisians with Healthcare

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Two new measures signed into law on Tuesday are aimed at helping rural Illinoisans get better healthcare.

The first bill was SB3017, which is meant to address a shortage of healthcare providers, specifically with attention to obstetrical services.

The second bill is SB1435, which is meant to help with health center mergers and increased healthcare coordination in rural communities.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker said the law expands telehealth to Healthcare Transformation Collaboratives, making Illinois a leader in tackling systemic inequities in rural healthcare systems.

With the change to the Loan Repayment Assistance Act from SB3017, “designated shortage area” extends to any Medicaid-accepting health provider. It expands loan repayment eligibility to more physicians, with the goal of the expansion to attract more qualified healthcare professionals.

SB1425 allows for hospitals with less than 125,000 inhabitants to apply to the Illinois Department of Public Health to conduct operations from mulitple locations.

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