One Dead After Boat Capsizes in Rural Belle Rive Pond

One Dead After Boat Capsizes in Rural Belle Rive Pond

BELLE RIVE – One person died after a boat capsized in a pond in rural Belle Rive Sunday.

According to the Jefferson Fire Protection District, shortly after noon, they received a report of a boat with two individuals that had capsized with one person not resurfacing. The location of the pond was very secluded and was brushed in and only accessible by foot.

Officials said personnel began with the last point of the missing person’s known location to relay to water rescue crews. A dive team from the Benton Fire Department arrived and two rescue divers went in the water to try to find the missing person, operating for 45 minutes up until boats arrived.

As additional resources arrived, three boats were deployed with sonar and additional divers were used to further the search efforts with Illinois DNR also on scene with a remote controlled sonar scanner.

After finding a target location, divers went back into the water and confirmed the missing person was found, successfully recovering the missing person and removing them from the water. No names were released.

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