Carrier Mills Man Guilty of Felony Charges from 2020 Road Rage Shooting That Injured Two

Carrier Mills Man Guilty of Felony Charges from 2020 Road Rage Shooting That Injured Two

JEFFERSON COUNTY – After just over five hours of deliberation Friday, a Jefferson County jury found a 20-year-old Carrier Mills man guilty of two Class X felony charges stemming from a 2020 road rage incident that sent two people to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Alonte Beachem was facing three Class X felony charges. Count 1 charged him with attempted murder, and Counts 2 and 3 charged him with aggravated battery with a firearm. The jury Friday night found him guilty of Counts 1 and 2 but not guilty of Count 3.

According to court records, on the morning of February 7th, 2020, authorities responded to the 1000 block of North Log Cabin Lane in Jefferson County on a report of a shooting. Once there, deputies located a 37-year-old gunshot victim who was transported by ambulance for treatment of a serious gunshot wound.

A second 30-year-old victim was also located and transported to an area hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

A black Kia passenger car was quickly identified as the offending vehicle, including the license plate. Saline County deputies later located the suspected vehicle, attempted to initiate a stop, and the vehicle fled. Once the pursuit ended, Saline County deputies took Beachem into custody.

The jury was handed the case for deliberation just after 2 p.m. Friday. During deliberations, one juror fell ill and EMS was called. An alternate was then called to replace the sick juror and deliberations continued. Another juror had been replaced with an alternate on Wednesday after suffering a serious fall outside the courthouse.

After sending out multiple notes during their deliberations, the final note just after 7:30 p.m. announced the jury had reached verdicts on the three charges against Beachem.

Class X felonies are punishable by between 6 and 30 years in prison. The use of a firearm in the case makes the charges extended sentencing eligible. Beachem is scheduled for an October 4 sentencing.

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