Vaccines Offered to Homebound Jackson County Residents

Vaccines Offered to Homebound Jackson County Residents

JACKSON COUNTY – The Jackson County Health Department (JCHD) announced a program Tuesday to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to Jackson County residents who are homebound.

Very specific eligibility qualifications will apply, according to the health department. Only residents who rarely or never leave their home or those who’s transport would require a significantly taxing effort are eligible for the service.

Those who are a homebound Jackson County resident in need of  a COVID-19 vaccination or their caregiver are asked to call 684-3143, Ext. 111. Officials noted to be prepared to leave the caregiver’s name and contact information, the patient’s name, and address. The call will be returned, and a personalized assessment will be provided.

The service is available to homebound persons age 12 and older. No fees apply, and insurance information is not collected. The service will be available for a limited time.

For those who have mobility issues, but who can leave home, JCHD said curbside service is available for vaccinations. To make curbside service arrangements, officials said to call 684-3143, Ext. 150.

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