Load Posting Normal for Chester Bridge After Repairs

Load Posting Normal for Chester Bridge After Repairs

CHESTER, MO – The Chester Bridge is set to return to normal traffic following a lowered weight restriction placed earlier this week.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT), the bridge connecting Randolph County, IL and Perry County, MO underwent repairs Tuesday after a recent inspection caused the bridge to be load-posted at 25 tons instead of the usual 40 tons. Crews worked into the night to repair the bridge and as of Thursday morning, the load posting was re-set to 40 tons.

“We will strive to avoid further weight restrictions; however, given the age and overall poor condition of the bridge we expect there to be challenges until the bridge can be replaced,” Mark Croarkin, District Engineer with MODOT said in a release. “We also have a bridge rehabilitation project programmed for 2021, which will allow us to keep the bridge operational until we are able to replace the structure.”

Plans to replace the Chester Bridge are not projected until 2028, and the project is estimated to cost approximately $140 million.

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