Illinois Coronavirus by the Numbers: Thursday, April 23 Update

Illinois Coronavirus by the Numbers: Thursday, April 23 Update

CHICAGO – Gov. J.B. Pritzker extended Illinois’ stay-at-home order through May 30 with modifications, as health officials reported 1,826 new cases and an additional 123 deaths due to COVID-19.

Statewide, 36,934 patients have tested positive for the novel coronavirus and 1,688 have died.

The new modified order will begin May 1, according to Pritzker, who acknowledged the difficulties for Illinoisans.

“We are in possibly the most difficult part of this journey,” Pritzker said. “I know how much we all want our normal lives back. Believe me, if I could make that happen, I would. But this is the part where we have to dig in and we have to understand that the sacrifices we have made as a state are working and we need to keep going a little while longer to finish the job.”

Health departments across southern Illinois also reported cases Thursday. Here are the latest:

Jefferson County (78 total)

  • Female in her seventies, isolated at a local hospital.
  • Female in her sixties, isolated at home.

Six individuals who previously tested positive have been released from isolation in the county.

Jackson County (56 total)

  • Male in his twenties
  • Female in her twenties
  • Male in his forties
  • Male in his seventies
  • Female in her eighties

The recent cases were acquired locally, and all individuals are isolated. The health department has released 23 from isolation.

Franklin-Williamson Bi-County (8 F, 22 W)

  • Man in his thirties from Williamson County, isolated.
  • Two men in their fifties, one likely acquiring from travel, the other from close contact, isolated.

Ten have recovered in Williamson County, while four have in Franklin County.

Southern Seven

  • Female in her twenties from Union County (6 total), isolated.
  • Female in her sixties from Pulaski County (13 total), isolated.

Two cases have recovered in Pulaski County.

Perry County (3 total)

  • Female in her twenties, isolated.

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