Trump Admin Criticized After Airports Cram with Travelers

Trump Admin Criticized After Airports Cram with Travelers

CHICAGO (AP) – Harsh criticism is raining on the Trump administration from state and local officials over long lines of returning international passengers at some U.S. airports which could have turned them into coronavirus carriers.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lambasted the administration Sunday after 3,000 people crammed into the customs area at O’Hare.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, normally a strong supporter of the president, called the lines at the Dallas airport “unacceptable.” The lines at the 13 U.S. airports accepting passengers from Europe and screening them for the virus were shorter Sunday, but could grow.

However, Pritzker now says he received a call Sunday morning from Vice President Pence and another from the Secretary of Homeland Security acknowledging mistakes were made and informing him Customs and Border Patrol would double staff at O’Hare Airport Sunday.

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