The Really Close to Almost 5K Color Run

The Really Close to Almost 5K Color Run

For those of you who have participated before, you know what to expect – FUN, lots of color, some crazy costumes, informal, not timed, a great cause, oh and FUN.

This year’s race is once again being organized by our  race director, Julie Hoskins, and an amazing group of volunteers. They are excited to help bring people together, raise awareness and to show veterans that there is hope.

Competitions for best costumes (we can’t wait to see what people come up with!), biggest team, furthest traveled and more. There will also be raffles, prizes AND photo ops with some of the service dogs.

This year’s goal is $50,000. If reached, it will fully-fund two PTSD service dogs’ training AND bring their veterans to our campus for three weeks, provide housing, training equipment and most all of their meals at NO cost to the veteran. If we meet this goal, the race will have sponsored two veteran/service dog team and you will get to help pick out the dog name!

We hope you’ll consider putting a team together and help us in getting the word out. As a walk/run, people of all ages can come out and have fun – and we couldn’t be any less formal than we are at the “really close to almost 5k color run/walk” – the name kinda says it all!

Thank you for your support! We look forward to a morning of colorful fun and the planting of a seed of hope for one of our future graduates. See you at the race!

Join us on our Facebook event page too! Stay in the know and commiserate with your fellow runners!

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